Ouzo Papalina 700

“Papalina” for the locals of Lesvos or Kalloni sardine for the rest, has become a synonym of the gastronomy of Lesvos Island.  It is a harmonious match with the island’s other trademark product, Ouzo! An ouzo that was named after papalina because of it is smooth, traditional, full aroma and flavours.  A secret recipe with anise from Lisvori of Lesbos and other aromatic seeds of the Aeolian Land. The added ingredient for additional sweetness and soft mouthfeel is onions, as well as local barley that contributes to the absorption of unwanted aromatic compounds and the salt crystals from the salt pans of the island to control the boiling intensity. A pinch of Chios mastic included in the ingredients of the long-hour slow distillation process completes the final result and rewards us!

The outcome is a crystal clear ouzo 40% alc by vol with a full, rounded flavour and aromatic character. It is that old timeless recipe that is combined all year around at everyday dinners with appetizers, pulses, salted fish and fresh salads. The taste and aroma of “Papalina” ouzo gives that special kick to traditional as well as gourmet recipes.



Το MASTIC TEARS βραβεύτηκε στα ERMIS AWARDS 2014 για το design του, που επιμελήθηκε η εταιρεία Dolphins Communication Design.