Double distillation 45% alc.

Ouzo SERTIKO, inspired by oriental recipes and raw materials, is the premium product of the EVA’s ouzo range. Delicious, bold and very traditional, which with its aroma brings us to the habits and flavours of another era.

During the production process a double distillation ritual is followed,while the fruits, aromatic herbs and roots are distilled in specific order and combinations. Its characteristic strong aroma comes from the distillation of citrus fruits, ginger, coriander, cardamom, star anise and aniseed from Lisvori, giving SERTIKO its intense “sertic” character.

For lovers of strong ouzo, it can be served neatto set free its intense fragrances. With the addition of iced water it changes character and increases the appetite for spicy ouzomeze. In cooking oriental recipes, where ouzo is used as an aromatic ingredient, SERTIKO guarantees the duration of the aroma and flavour.

Its award-winning bottle design depicts Ottoman and Byzantine motifs, completing its strong character inspired by times gone by.

200 & 700ml 45% Vol.


New Gift Box indluding:

OUZO SERTIKO 700ml, 45%vol and a traditional ouzo glass “Go Greek in a few steps”


Ouzo loves the sun, tasteful “meze” and good company. Small bites, sharp (spicy) and appetizer flavors. “Meze” is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks like ouzo as a course or as appetizers. The key element of Ouzo-meze is variety. The contrast and the richness of flavors are necessary to have the best ouzo- experience.

An “Ouzo-meze” may consist of seafood dishes such as grilled octopus, satled fishes such as sardines, lakerda or kolios. All may be included, along with fresh salads, fava beans, grilled cheeses, called saganaki and olives. Do not forget to try steamed shellfish and sea urchin.

How to serve your Ouzo Sertiko

Serve Ouzo Sertiko with cold water (50-50) in a small glass and add ice cubes!



Aniseed from Lisvori, ouzo of Mitilini and its companions

An integral component of the ouzo culture is the famous aniseed from Lisvori. The anise, which flavours the ouzo of Mitilini, making it special and sought after, is cultivated in Lisvori, a village on Lesvos Island. A comparative advantage in its cultivation is the microclimate of the area, the fertile land of Lisvori, the proximity to the Gulf of Kalloni and the dedicated producers. EVA trusts Nikos Thermiotis and invests in personal contact with the producer, monitors, records and supports the cultivation of his fields at all stages from ploughing, sowing, manual weeding to harvesting.