Elegant aromatic mastic spirit liqueur with a sweet & refreshing aftertaste. Enjoy well chilled as a shot, in cocktails or as an after dinner digestive drink.

Available in bottles of
50ml, 200ml, 500ml, 700ml. 24% vol.


This elegant, aromatic, refreshing mastic spirit liqueur with lemon, brings a revolution to the senses and the palate. Enjoy well chilled as a shot, in cocktails or as an after dinner digestive drink.

Available in bottles of
200ml, 500ml, 700 ml. 24% vol.


Dry with elegant but bold aromatic character, due
to the mastic distillate, Mastic Tears Dry is ideal for cocktails for mind blowing combinations. Enjoy it also neat, well chilled, as an after dinner digestive.

Available in bottles of 700ml. 30% vol.


The finest product of the Mastic Tears range liqueurs, made exclusively from mastiha spirit from our privately owned mastiha trees near Olympoi village, one of the mastic villages, on the island of Chios. A limited production, every bottle is marked with a unique serial number.

Available in bottles of
1000ml, 30% vol.






Gift Box  includes:

    700 ml Mastic Tears Classic
    8 Coasters featuring Mastic Tears Designs
    2 Collectable Glasses, 14 cl
    1 Cocktail Leaflet
    2 Mastic Tears Design Stickers

The favourite Mastic Tears products are presented in a luxurious gift box packaging, ideal as a present.

The Mastic Tears Gift Box is an innovative proposal for a business or personal gift that includes:

1 Mastic Tears Classic 200ml,

1 Mastic Tears Lemon 200ml,

2 glasses and 8 coasters bearing the Mastic Tears logo and a booklet including tasty recipes for original cocktails with mastiha.

New Gift Box for Mastic Tears Classic!

Includes: 2 bottles of Mastic Tears Classic 50ml, 24% vol


The mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia) is an evergreen shrub, of 2-3 metres height. Its life span is more than 100 years. Before the tree carving process, the ground around the trunk needs to be weeded. Cleaning and soil leveling take place so that any mastic tears that may fall on the ground can be easily gathered. Fine white soil, is spread on the ground to create a smooth surface ready for the mastic tears to fall on.The “kentima”, as the carving of small scars on the bark is called, is the most crucial stage in mastic production. It is done with the help of a small sharp metal tool with grooved ends, called kentitiri. Mastic is gathered before the first autumn rain and the cleaning and sorting process begins. It is sieved and diligently cleaned with olive oil soap and rain water. Large and medium sized mastic tears are cleaned one by one with a knife or a needle.


Dioscorides (1st ce.Physician – Herbalist) wrote:
• It gives glow to the face
• It protects the gums & whitens the teeth.
• Alleviates burns.
• Promotes blood production & helps digestion.
• Loosens cough.
• Cleans the vocal cords,
• alleviates upset stomachs & stomach ulcers.
• Helps with gynaecological problems


Unveil the amazing world of Mastic Villages in Chios, famous all around the world for their unique product, mastic! Admire at Pirgi the “ksistá” on the facades, a technique of carving geometrical motifs in plaster. There you can watch the production process of mastic according to an ancient practice faithfully unchanged over the past 2,500 years!